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How Often Should Your Interior Walls Be Painted By Painting Contractors In Cape Town?

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24.Sep, 201700

How Often Should Your Interior Walls Be Painted By Painting Contractors In Cape Town?

Knowing when to repaint the walls of your home can make the biggest difference in its appearance.  Modern paints are created to last between five to ten years, however; many factors can affect the longevity of the paint and trigger a loss of radiance.

How often should you paint your walls?

Re-painting your walls on a whim is also not a bad thing, but there are clear signs that can help you figure out when it’s the right time to apply a new coat of paint to your walls.

Generally, it depends on the room in question.

Hallways and Corridors

As a rule of thumb, you should re-paint these areas more frequently than other spaces since it is likely to see more activity and therefore endure more wear and tear. Every three to four years should be sufficient.


Typically bedrooms do not get as much movement since you use it just to sleep. However, there is the exception when it comes to children’s bedrooms. Children love to draw on walls, and even if you picked out a wipable paint, it would need to be repainted more often. Children’s rooms require a coat of paint every two to three years whereas a quality coat of paint can last up to eight years in an adult room.

Living and Dining Rooms

Although the level of activity in your living space is a determining factor in selecting the next repainting date, it surely isn’t the sole factor.

Living rooms and dining rooms may also be preferred areas in your home yet they don’t demand as much repainting. The reason being, in addition to activities being more formal, these spaces are typically designed with a particular colour scheme and repainting it will require a complete revamping of the décor overall. Thus, people often opt to repaint living areas and dining rooms every five to seven years, considering that it requires a little more consideration over and above wall colours.

Another significant element in determining the lifespan of your paint is the amount of care taken, and preparation carried out when the walls were painted in the first place. If a good primer and a high-quality paint were used, you could probably wait five to six years before repainting your walls. If the paint job were done poorly, it would require a repaint much sooner. This is where professional painting contractors in Cape Town end up showing their value.


A change in modern trends is another detrimental factor to consider when repainting your rooms. Minimalistic grey walls might be in fashion right now, or you might choose to have an accent wall but trends will change, and you might want to adjust to those changes. In the same way, your likings and preferences in décor and furniture might change as your priorities in life change.

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